Contoh Topic Sentence

The Creator of Popular Social Media

Did you know who created the popular social media right now ? There are 4 creators of  most popular social media right now. First of all, there is Kevin Systrom the man who created editing and posting photo instagram application that he got more than 10.000 users within 1 hours when Instagram launched. Next, Lee Hae-Jin the Korean guy who created Line Messanging Application that he has more than 230 Million Users until now. Then, Dave Morin the man who created Path application and since November 2015 Path has more than 30 Million Users Until now. And the last one is Evan Spiegel the youngman who created Snapchat that has more than 100 Million Users until now. So, we can conlude that all creators of social media are valuable person and they help many people around the world to communicate each other with any way that used in social media application (pictures, voice etc.).

Note : The Underline Words is Topic Sentence

Created by : Rahmaji Dwi Santoso

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